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Improve Your Everyday Life.

MIND OVER MATTERS skill classes are not a therapy group, but rather a meeting where people learn skills together.


Class size ranges from 12-20+ people.

We offer RODBT skills classes and skills that will transform your life. These are a blend of skills from many different approaches that when used together can have a significant impact to improve one’s life.

Our Approach

The professionals at Mind Over Matters can help you to heal, become fulfilled again, and enjoy our beautiful world. You do not need to be alone.
Dancer in Sunset

Philosophy of Recovery

Our Mental Health Therapists are licensed with a wealth of knowledge of cross-cultural issues, personal experience, and professional training. Each therapist has different therapeutic modalities of evidence-based approaches, and it will be individually tailored to each client. 

Commitment To Clients

Our professionals provide therapy in multiple languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Wolof, Soninke, and French – and offer a multicultural approach. Choose between in-office or telemental health services. 
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