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Therapy, Workshops & More.

Group therapy is a process where one or two therapists meet with a group of 5 to 15 people to target a specific concern. The subject matter depends on the group.

Couples therapy involves speaking with us so that we can apply our experience to offer a fresh perspective and neutral view of the relationship.

Individual therapy is a traditional one-on-one session between the client and therapist. Sessions support a wide range of issues and are available online and in-person.

Telemental Health is an area that has been growing since the early 2000's. It is still relatively new to mental health services, but it already has shown positive research outcomes. Our everyday technology makes this accessible and easy to use.

A complete picture of your emotional state. It can be requested by your lawyer to help the immigration court – adding a great value to it. 

Skills Classes are not a therapy group, but rather a meeting where people learn skills together. These skills can transform our lives by gaining knowledge about our emotions and behaviors and improving our communication and daily social interactions. 

Therapy is private. As such, trainee therapists and therapists seeking additional insight from colleagues use clinical supervision to sharpen their skills. We also have Washington's State Approved Supervisors that can help you get your hours for Licensure.



Our mental health therapists are licensed with a wealth of knowledge of cross-cultural issues, personal experience, and professional training.  Each therapist has different therapeutic modalities of evidence-based approaches, and it will be individually tailored to each patient.  


Also, our professionals are able to provide therapy in many different languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Wolof, Soninke, and French – and a multicultural approach. Choose between in-office or telemental health services. 

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