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As we move through life, we tend to collect things along the way across the diversity of the human experience. Some of these habits, ways of coping, emotional understanding, grief, outlooks, styles of communication, and trauma, become a challenge, sometimes downright unbearable, to live with. Our ability to do so is an important part of our overall wellness and our ability to live authentic, well-rounded lives. If you are a member of marginalized communities, for example Black and Indigenous folks, neurodivergent and neurodiverse folks, and folks from Queer communities, it is vital for wellness that your experience to be affirmed and validated.


I will tend to approach my work with you using constructs from liberation psychology which orient towards social justice, affirming diverse identities, and understanding interlocking systems of oppression incorporating an eclectic range of expertise to work alongside you with a trauma informed, person-centered focus. This means meeting you where you are at in life with curiosity and without judgement. I want to support you to grow a community that prioritizes collective care (feel free to ask me about this!). I also utilize techniques including somatic-focused practices, DBT, CBT, and mindfulness to offer support processing your past and for incorporating and strengthening culturally relevant skills into your everyday life on an individual level in a way that works specifically for you.


I have a continuously growing training background. This includes a BS from the University of Washington in psychology, an MS in psychology from University of West Alabama, clinical internship experience at a Sea Mar Community Mental Health Clinic, and completion of numerous clinical training programs (listed below) to which I will continue to add. I am trained in both individual and group therapy.


On a personal note, I identify as a Black American, femme-presenting, non-binary person. I currently live in the Puget Sound area. I grew up around the continental US, spending most of my childhood and adulthood in the PNW. I love to craft. I find that sewing, cooking, drawing, knitting to relax and connect with others from all backgrounds brings me so much joy. I want to learn woodworking and glassblowing next! I have some familiarity with Spanish speaking cultures in Mexico. I love spending time with family, gardening, and going to ballets, museums, and live music. I value community; the ability for folks to come together and bring their strengths for the greater good. 


Regardless of the source of these things you carry, you deserve wellness.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Washington

Master of Science is Psychology, University of West Alabama

Professional Training


  • Trauma-Informed Care Training - Sea Mar Behavioral Health Clinics 

  • Internal Family Systems 

  • Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing - Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training - Institute for Human Identity 

  • All-Patients Safe: Suicide Prevention for Medical Professinals - University of Washington 

  • Exploring the Promise and the Pitfalls of Mad Pride - Ron Unger

  • Skills-Based Crisis Response Training - Project LETS 

  • Ethnic, Cultural, & Linguistic Considerations when Working with Families - Central Reach Institute