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Mind Over Matters

Mariana Sampaio Licensed Mental Health Counselor | Mariana Sampaio Mind Over Matters | Mariana Sampai Counselor

Life is a huge adventure and I work with people so they can make the best out of theirs. I believe every person is unique and deserving of the best that life has to offer. Therefore, my approach to counseling is to tailor to my client’s background and needs.

Julia Noelle Hall

I like to think of the journey to healing as a path back to one’s self. It’s incredibly easy to lose bits and pieces of ourselves when trying to recalibrate or just trying to function every day waking up to the current state of the world.

Melissa Tucker, LMHCA | Melissa Tucker Therapist | Melissa Tucker Counselor

I enjoy working with people who are struggling to form their adult identity. I work with clients who have noticed that being an adult doesn’t quite match up to what their dreams are, so they want to make effective changes to reach their full potential. 


My focus is on behavioral change through identifying healthy boundaries, increasing client’s confidence in expressing their needs, improving emotional regulation and decreasing stress.


Administration Support




Our mental health therapists are licensed with a wealth of knowledge of cross-cultural issues, personal experience, and professional training.  Each therapist has different therapeutic modalities of evidence-based approaches, and it will be individually tailored to each patient.  


Also, our professionals are able to provide therapy in many different languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Wolof, Soninke, and French – and a multicultural approach. Choose between in-office or telemental health services. 

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