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Interesting ideas on hormones & bonding

The complex study of the relationship between hormones in humanity (and animals) continues with a recent addition from researchers in England. They studied the possible effects of testosterone in Mongolian gerbils (who form lifelong mate bonds) and found that in addition to surges of defensiveness/aggression, that testosterone may also have an effect on oxytocin formation leading animals (and maybe other mammals?) to also increase "cuddliness".

“We know that systems of oxytocin and testosterone overlap in the brain but we don’t really understand why,” Kelly says. “Taken together, our results suggest that one of the reasons for this overlap may be so they can work together to promote prosocial behavior.”

While we don't know what new research will come from this discovery, we'd love to hear your thoughts on your experience.

For more reading on the study, click this link.

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