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Financial Therapy?!

Avoiding bank or credit card statements because you feel anxious or overwhelmed?

Feeling shame or guilt about debt?

Do big financial decisions like buying a home or investing stop you in your tracks because you lack confidence in your decisions?

Does talking about money with your partner often end in hurt feelings, confusion, conflict, and frustration?

If any of those reflect your situation, you might benefit from seeing a financial therapist.

Financial therapy is an area of specialization within psychotherapy, like couples, addiction, or sex therapy.

A financial therapist is different from a financial advisor. First of all, a financial therapist holds a license to practice psychotherapy and has completed training in both psychology and the psychology of financial matters.

A financial therapist helps navigate the emotional relationship to money and finances rather than focusing on the “nuts and bolts” of finances.

For example, a financial advisor would help you design a budget, a financial therapist would help you figure out why you can’t seem to stick to a budget.

If you are interested in exploring financial therapy, reach out to us and see how working with a financial therapist could help you.

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