Michelli Simpson, LMHC, CDPT, DCC, NCC 

I am a Nationally Certified Therapist, full license in the State of Washington, working with children, teens, young adults, couples, and family. I am an EMDR trained therapist and my work focus on people with a history of complex trauma and substance abuse. I also have experience with co-occurring disorders, mood disorder (such as depression and bipolar), anxiety disorders (such as PTSD and general anxiety), domestic violence (survivor and perpetrator), and problems with adjusting such as work, school, and parenting.


I am a Credentialed Distance Counselor (DCC) and I offer long distance counseling (video and telephone) for individuals with difficulty to dislocate to the physical office, which facilitates access to the services to those with a busy schedule during the day.


I have a diverse multicultural background and experience as my studies took me to Brazil, England, and Germany. As a result, I speak fluent Portuguese, English, and conversational Spanish.


My educational and professional experience includes working with a variety of populations, from people with developmental disabilities to those living with severe mental health issues. I have an in-depth knowledge of acculturation problems, addiction, behavioral problems, cultural/racial oppression, relational difficulties, and traumas. My experience also includes working with adults with and without developmental disability, co-occurring disorders, youth, and children.