Mental Health Evaluation

It gives you a complete picture of your emotional state. It can be requested by your lawyer to help the immigration court to decide in your case and can add a great value to it.   The therapist and your attorney will talk and determine what pertinent information and its legal issues are necessary to be gathered. 


Immigration Evaluations and reports are used in four major areas of immigration proceedings: extreme Hardship Cases (waiver on the basis that deportation would result in an extreme and exceptional hardship), Spousal Abuse (VAWA – benefit both men and woman), Political Asylum Cases (for individuals who exposed to extreme deprivation, severe abuse, and even torture in their home country), and U Visa (for those who have been victims of serious crimes in the United States).*


If this is, a service that you believe that is needed for your case, please contact us to ask for questions about how to proceed.

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