Group Therapy

Group therapy is a process where one or two therapists meet with a group of 5 to 15 people to target a specific concern.  The group's topic will depend if the matter is mental health itself, support group, or even court-mandated; it will differ the need of each person.  We offer some groups, and each one varies in the target and population. Some groups will be specifically of gender, age, culture, or even language.  Some groups are open-ended (people come and go as their needs), while others are closed (with the same amount of people from the beginning to the end of the process). 


You also can learn new skills such as decreasing anxiety while meeting new people, or even social skills.   Being in a group setting can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, but it can turn out to be very rewarding for the members.  You can do only group therapy or combine individual and group therapy.  Talk to your therapist about what would work better for you.  If you are not sure if group therapy is something that you would like to invest your time, please enter in contact us for questions.

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