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Deciding to see a couple’s therapist is a great decision. Usually what happens is that one partner sees it, as a good way to try to save the marriage while the other partner is more hesitant towards the idea.  It is hard to admit that something that we put so much effort and time into is not working and having someone from outside to “fix” it seems hurtful to the ego.  Besides that, there are other obstacles such as scheduling, if the kids are involved (who is going to babysit?), do we open the flaws in our marriage?  Truthfully, it can be scary, but having someone with the experience and a fresh and neutral view of the situation actually can help to strengthen the couple’s relationship.  We offer the service online to at least help couples find a time that fits into their often busy schedule that would work for both or even a babysitter. 


How do you know if you need a counselor for your relationship? One thing is sure, if you just checked out our service and you are reading the description, it can be a sign that something at least in your view is not right, but there are no words to describe it.  Other symptoms might be infidelity, trust issues, unceasing disagreements or arguments, poor communication, or even partner violence (psychological, emotional, and physical), attachment issues, or even lack of intimacy.  No matter the reason, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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