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Dawn Hylton


By choosing me as your counselor/therapist, my clients will have access to a healthy and safe therapeutic relationship that we take time to develop as well as knowledge and strategies that I teach my clients to help them achieve the mental health wellbeing they seek in their journey of healing and recovery. 

The values I add to my client’s lives include being respectful of their dignity and promoting their welfare by providing therapy that encompasses culturally sensitive knowledge and respect for the diversity that my clients bring into the therapeutic relationship. 

My ideal client encompasses all persons of all walks of life. Those who are motivated and open minded and are willing to explore all possibilities that may or may not be impacting their lives to achieve self-determination for positive change ,are always ideal for their own success. 

I am the ideal counselor therapist for the populations I serve because I bring to the table a wide range of experiences that are relatable to my populations as well as the evidenced based research education to support the models of approaches I use with my clients. 

When I am not in the office, I am spending time with friends outdoors. I love to camp, ride four wheelers, kayak and travel when the opportunity and time presents itself. I simply love to enjoy life as best as I can and have the self-care I need to be able to continue to be fully present for the work I love to do, being a Therapist. Healing and Recovery is a journey, not a race…Get started today. Contact me. 


Therapeutic Work


Dawn is a veteran of the Army and Air Force with experience working in both Social Services and Nursing.  Her therapeutic approach involves psychotherapy for both adults and children with focus on behaviors, cognitive reframing and holistic well-being. Her experience includes working with families, children and adults who have mental health diagnoses, co-existing health conditions, hospitalizations and or trauma.



  • Masters in Social Work, Walden University in August 2019

  • BSN in Nursing, California Baptist University in December 2011


Provides services in English.

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Call Toll-Free:
1-855-455-4454 ext. 1

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