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You cannot control what life throws at you. What you can control is how you respond to those challenges and hardships. My approach to counseling is to acknowledge those inevitable challenges while normalizing and validating the accompanying emotional pain. 

I strongly believe, and research has shown, that the therapist-client relationship is the best predictor of the treatment outcome. I create a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental environment where clients feel comfortable and secure to let their guards down, to be themselves. Together we work to identify the changes you can make to feel more connected to yourself and others; to live in accordance with your values and beliefs; to have the life and relationships you want (and deserve!). 


Therapeutic Work

My personal experience as an immigrant as well as my previous educational and professional experience as a lawyer in Brazil has profoundly shaped my work as a therapist. I  am committed to providing culturally responsive and justice-minded services. 

My therapeutic experience includes working with severe and persistent mental illness, trauma-related conditions, family and intergenerational conflicts, cross-cultural issues, and adjustment problems related to immigration. Prior to joining the Mind Over Matters Institute, I worked at Instituto Familiar de la Raza in San Francisco providing direct mental health and advocacy services to Latinx families, children, youth, and HIV+ adults.

Volunteering is also part of my work. I have worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate working with children in the Foster Care System and currently volunteer with the Crisis Prevention Text Line and Instituto Familiar de la Raza.

Supervised by Mariana Sampaio, LMHC, MSW

Services are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


MA in Counseling Psychology - The Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA

Bachelor Degree in Law- PUC/RS, Porto Alegre/Brazil

Professional Training


  • Certified Anger Management Specialist II (CAMS II)

  • DBT certification from Behavioral Tech

  • RODBT Level I Certified

  • Motivational Interviewing in Brief Consultations

  • Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma and its Impact on Child Development Training

  • Essentials of CBT

  • CBT for Depression

  • HIV Prevention Education


Licensure/ Certifications

Mental Health Associate in the State of Washington
(Credential No.: LMHCA 6119792)

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate License WA
(MG No: 61109855)


Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California
(Registration No.: AMFT122686)