"The Mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open"

Dalai Lama

Life has become very busy and with that comes the anxiety. We have high technology that permits us to have more "contact" with people we know, yet, human connections have been more distant.


Because of the lack of connection, many people develop a sense of loneliness, no sense of belonging, and many others develop depression or even addiction.


Other times, we feel hopeless and empty, having thoughts about ending our lives because the burden turns out to feel too big to tolerate.  


Our professionals from Mind Over Matters Institute can help you to heal, become fulfilled again, and enjoy our beautiful world.  You do not need to be alone in this journey. 

Mind over matters was created from the desire to provide treatment with a holistic view and deep multicultural understanding.  We are two Brazilian therapists who met in Seattle and discovered we had common goals related to expanding therapy to people with diverse backgrounds and in need of having providers with great sensitivity about immigration, language needs, and cultural humility. Our services are offered in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Read more...Read more

Mind Over Matters Institute offers counseling services online or in our physical address in Seattle.  We offer free consultation via videoconference or telephone. 


Enter in contact with us and schedule an appointment.